Admissions – Course set: 3/400 level courses

Admissions information set

In 2017, the Australian federal higher education regulator TEQSA announced the introduction of new requirements for all higher education providers relating to Admissions Transparency. The main goal is to have all Australian higher education providers presenting information on course admissions in a consistent format, to allow prospective domestic undergraduate students to compare admission requirements to different courses and institutions easily. The information below relates to a group of courses with identical admission requirements. These courses, referred to as “300/400 level courses” due to the level of units required within them, are the Diploma of Ministry (Pathway 2), Diploma of Theology (Pathway 2), Diploma of Ministry / Diploma of Theology (Pathway 2), Advanced Diploma of Ministry (Pathway 2), Advanced Diploma of Theology (Pathway 2), Advanced Diploma of Ministry / Advanced Diploma of Theology (Pathway 2), Associate Degree of Ministry, Associate Degree of Theology, Bachelor of Christian Studies, Bachelor of Ministry, Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Ministry / Bachelor of Theology.