Our Staff

Equipping for service.
Meet our team below.

  • James Dalziel

    Dean and CEO

  • Graeme Chatfield

    Associate Dean and Director of Research

  • Simon Davies


  • Vicki Chen

    Director of Finance

  • Paul Yeates

    Director of Risk & Compliance

  • Ian O’Harae

    Director of Teaching and Learning

  • Nathain Secker

    Executive Officer and Director of Special Projects

  • Asanka Gunarathne

    Academic Administrative Officer & Overseas Student Liaison Officer

  • Witali Klein

    IT Officer

  • Mary Ann Navidad

    Financial Accountant

  • Elisa Norris

    Administrative Coordinator – Graduation & Support Services

  • Neil Ormerod

    Neil Ormerod

    Executive Officer (Research Quality)

  • Megan Powell du Toit

    Publishing Manager

  • Stephen Sarkoezy

    Academic Quality Officer

  • Erin Sessions

    Erin Sessions

    Quality and Inclusion Officer

  • Diana Tadjudin

    Deputy Registrar

  • Rebekah Wall

    Academic Administrative Officer