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Nexus November 2013 - ACT News

Administrative Services
Staffing matters
Following the birth of Aubrey, Stephanie Dunk (Quality Officer) has returned to work 3 days a week (Monday, Thursday & Friday), and plans to be back full time by April 2014. Stephanie is available to interpret Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) data for colleges, as well as talk about discuss quality issues relating to the delivery of ACT courses.

While Stephanie is returning from maternity leave, two other members of Administrative Services will be going on maternity leave early in 2014. We’ll keep you posted about who’ll be covering the work of Diana Tadjudin and Elisa Norris as those arrangements are put in place.

Faculty News
New Principal for BCSA
Bible College of South Australia has appointed a new principal, Revd Tim Patrick. You can read more about Tim here

Supervisors’ Induction Workshop
December 3, 2013. Supervisors’ Induction Workshop, 1.30pm – 4.30pm. Face to Face at Level 10, 257 Clarence Street, Sydney, and online webinar. Contact Graeme Chatfield to sign up and for details of the program.

‘Low Risk’ Ethics Research Workshop
Does your college have students doing projects involving gathering data from people?
Dr Mark Seton from the Human Research Ethics Committee has produced a one day seminar on Low Risk Ethics Research Training. To facilitate speedy handling of human research ethics approvals, colleges should have their own Ethics Committee. Where such a committee determines that the human research involves ‘Low Risk’ to both research participants and researcher, they can approve the research design (and report a summary of their actions to the ACT HREC). However, you need to know what constitutes ‘Low Risk’ and ‘Negligible Risk’, what constitutes a valid Ethics Committee and how you should report your assessments/approvals to the ACT HREC. Dr Seton’s workshop will answer these questions and many more.

He will be running the ‘Low Risk’ Research Training workshop at Vose Seminary in Perth on Tuesday 3 December, at Morling College in Sydney on Thursday 5 December, and at Ridley Melbourne on Tuesday 10th December 2013. 

If you are interested in attending any of these workshops please contact Dr Seton directly via

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